Gujarat Employers' Organisation

Building Relationships

1. Liaison meetings with government and non government organisations to address:

  • Specific problems and issues of individual members on IR, EPF, ESI, Labour and HRD.
  • General issues with the chambers of industry and employers' organizations, at state, national and international levels.

2. Research and compilation of broad-based data

  • Keeping pace with the present multi-skilled approach, labour mobility, change in organizational structure, right sizing, diversifying modes of employment, research and compilation of broad-based data is one of the activity. (The first project undertaken was the profile of industrial workers aimed at outlining the basic profile of the workmen in Central and South Gujarat.)

3. In this changing environment GEO involve itself

  • In conducting aptitude and attitude tests.
  • Advising organisations for strategically restructuring & rightsizing of the organizations.
  • Time & Motion Study
  • Lean & Manufacturing