Gujarat Employers' Organisation

Enriching Human Resource

1.Employee Development Workshops :

  • GEO assists its members to develop and train the employees through various structured training modules. The programs are designed to be industry specific. Thus equipping employees to adapt to new challenges & helping them match the organizational objectives.

2. Seminar, Talks & Conferences :

Aimed to:
  • expose members to the world outside,
  • keep them abreast with the current emergent trends in management and,
  • help them to understand and devise the strategy for the future.
  • Various issues are discussed and deliberated upon in the presence of experts and professionals in the field.

3.In this changing environment GEO involves itself

  • To advice and assist in the selection of personnel, training and development of Human resources for acquiring knowledge, improvement of skills and hence bringing about a change in the work attitudes.

Internal Communications :

A quarterly journal of GEO, known as GEOPOINT, comprises of detailed updates, government notifications, news and data from the filed of HR, IR and over - all Industrial environment. Members are informed about important court judgments, government guidelines, and other communications, through circulars and letters sent via mail or e-mail. To enable the members to understand, adapt and absorb the good business practices and appropriate strategies adopted by leading companies, plant visits are arranged once or twice a year.