Gujarat Employers' Organisation

Joint Concerns

Co - ordination & Affiliation :


GEO co -ordinates with local employers' bodies and is also affiliated to the national and international bodies to get board based networking. Its representation on apex bodies helps it to  provide vital additional inputs to members. 



One of the most important functions of GEO is to keep track and close scrutiny of Government proposals for new legislation in industrial and labour matters. Written representations and meetings for offering constructive suggestions are held to make proposed measures workable and practical for employers. The organisation is in direct contact with State and Central Governments on Labour, ESI and EPF matters. GEO is also represented on Advisory Commitiees of Central and State bodies dealing with labour matters and social security schemes.


Advisory matters


GEO offers expert legal advice on labour issues. What makes GEO different from other organizations is its ability to expeditiously obtain the relevant documents and provide right advice to members and guide them to implement the new laws of legislation. Advice on individual disputes and disciplinary matters is also provided. GEO has eminent Legal & IR experts to represent its members in the honourable courts. On the board of Governing body, professionals are invited to offer their advice to solve the problems related with HRD.. These endeavors ensure the path of progress, prosperity and growth through cooperation.